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What is the Construction Materials Exchange Tool?

Zero Waste Scotland’s Construction Material Exchange Tool allows companies/projects to list materials they no longer need or are unwilling to send to landfill, and offer these materials to other businesses that may have a re-use requirement for them.

Materials can be posted online and exchanged with another party for re-use, getting better value than if they were sent for recycling or to landfill.

What is Re-use?

Re-use of any material is ‘Any operation by which products or components that are not waste are used again for the same purpose for which they were conceived (i.e. dealing with waste prevention); (Waste Framework Directive 2008)’

This means if you re-use a material for its intended function, you need to decide whether your material is waste.  See SEPA’s guidance for further details.

Do I need a Waste Carrier’s Licence?

You need to register for a Waste Carrier’s Licence if you carry controlled waste in the UK. If the exchange is for direct re-use (bricks for making walls, light bulbs for fixing into sockets, slabs for laying pavement etc etc) then the receiver does not need to have either a carriers licence or a licensed site as they are not handling waste.

If you intend to discard any portion of the materials collected as waste, you must have a Waste Carrier’s Licence.

For further information see SEPA’s website

What is special waste?

Waste that is harmful to human health or the environment is termed ‘special waste’. This includes:

  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Waste oils
  • Discarded chemicals (including paint)
  • Waste electronic and electrical equipment

Any material not re-used and becomes special waste must meet specific waste storage and transfer requirements. Find further information on SEPA’s website

Can’t re-use your surplus materials?

The Business Re-use and Recycling Directory is a search tool that provides users with re-use and recycling services in your area, including both collection services and recycling centres.

Looking for recycled aggregates?

Zero Waste Scotland have produced a directory of recycled aggregate producers which comply with the Quality Protocol for Aggregates. Supplier’s can be found here